by miiadaviidson

 Being a teenager in the world today, social media’s idea of what is normal can really mess with your head, the amount time people spend on the internet is growing (not that I can really talk)  and as my last post was to do with new beginnings here is 10 things that will get you motivated and feeling good for whatever journey your life is taking you on.

1. Drink more water and tea– everybody knows the amazing health benefits of drinking more water. Tea is also a great way to get that beloved h2o into you and personally is much more enjoyable. I know my favourite beverage when i wake up is starting my day with a steaming cup of green tea.


2. Wear clothes that make you happy– self expression is portrayed in so many ways, one of the main being your fashion style. I know although there aren’t the most practical of things my YRU holographic platforms make me smile everytime I look at them.


3. Throw away things that you don’t need– no point filling your life with unwanted junk, bad memories or just things you don’t use anymore. Might as well bag em up and donate them to your local op-shop or earn a few bucks and sell them online. (don’t give away or sell bad memories, you could write them down on a piece of paper and throw it out)


4. Stop/ don’t comparing yourself to others– you are you and the quicker you learn to except your big ears or six toes, the more you will except those ‘faults’ and learn to love yourself. Remember; no-one is ugly, just everyone is different.


5. Go outside more– maybe you are the outdoorsy type and thats great! keep going outside, but for all those reading this that have been on your laptop for more than two hours, get up put on some shoes and go for a walk, plant a tree. I don’t know, just do something outside for a change 🙂



p.s i didnt take these photos, but will be posting some of my own very soon 🙂