by miiadaviidson

Since about a year ago I knew that I really wanted to start a blog.

So here I am.

Starting a blog.

Starting things for me has always been easy, It’s the finishing part that tends to trip me up. From doing 3 piano lessons and realising that dancing to music was more my thing than making it. Or doing my second tennis lesson and throwing a tantrum because someone (accidentally) threw a tennis ball at my head. I don’t know if the right word to use is “quitter” but I think I might slip right into that title. 

Though hopefully this blog is something that isn’t a two day thing. I need to concentrate on the future and stop dwelling on the past, myself recovering from bulimia is the start of something big and so is this blog. We all have projects so, my goal for this new beginning is to make a successful fashion photography blog from the perspective of a 14 year old Melbournian girl. Turning the page of a new chapter in my life, please enjoy.